If you use BT for your business phone lines and are happy with the technical side but frustrated with the customer service then we have the answer.

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Many organisations across the UK use BT Openreach for the provision of their business phone lines – however one of the most common complaints when dealing with BT Openreach is attributed to their customer service. If you can understand and sympathise with this, then that’s where we can help.

If you use BT Openreach for your business phone lines, are happy with the technical service but frustrated with the hold times, additional charges, bouncing about from department to department and generally spending too much time trying to get an issue resolved with them then we have an answer for you.

We are a BT Openreach wholesaler – this means that we can deliver BT Openreach services and business phone lines to you without you ever having to deal directly with them. We provide BT Openreach management services for many businesses and organisations across the whole of the UK, currently serving over 700 buildings in total.

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A recent new client of ours estimated they were spending up to £3,000 per annum on BT late fees and reconnection charges. Since joining with us, this figure is now zero.
Whether you have new lines to order, or have lines already and are looking to simplify the management and invoicing, our years of experience enables us to deliver exactly what you need for your business.
We're flexible, professional and highly experienced in what we do. It's our passion, and this passion is reflected in the quality of work that we deliver.

Why You Should Choose Riviera Networks for your Business Phone Lines

Simplified Invoicing Process: A plain-English summary of your services in a single monthly invoice

Off Shore Owners: Unlike BT, we're happy to provide services to companies registered offshore

Zero Disconnections: To date we have never cut anyone off for late payment

No Direct Debit Penalties: We make no additional charges for invoice payments

Flexible Credit Terms: Because we know it's not always possible to process, approve and pay an invoice in precisely 30 days

Reduced On-Site Admin: Our simplified approach means less admin headaches for you and your people

One Local Rate Support Number: No long lists of various 0800 numbers to call at premium rates. Just us, on the other end of one line.

Dedicated UK Based Support and Account Management: When you call us you'll speak directly to one of our friendly UK based support engineers.

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