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What You Need to Know About the iPhone’s New “Text Bomb” Bug


Text Bomb: The Surprisingly Simple Security Flaw in Apple’s iPhone Apple have been having a bit of a hard time lately. For a company that was built largely on the […]

Proud Members of the Essex Wildlife Trust


We’re delighted and proud to announce that Riviera Networks are now members of the Essex Wildlife Trust. Being an Essex based business – and with all of us being from […]

MacOS High Sierra Security Flaw Allows Anybody Root Access Without Password

BusinessITOnline SecuritySecurityTechnologyTips

You don’t even have to be a hacker to take advantage of Apple’s MacOS High Sierra security flaw that allows anybody root access without using a password. You just need to […]

Using Email Safely: 7 Email Safety Tips to Help Recognise Spam and Avoid Scams

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It’s hard to believe that even though internet based technology has driven us into a golden age of digital communication, we still face and struggle with basic scams and shady […]

Christmas at Work and in the Office: A Survival Guide


Caution: This Survival Guide to Christmas at Work Has Been Written In the Best Spirit of “Bah Humbug” and Grumpy Festive Cynicism Ah, the Great Big British Office Christmas. We’re […]

Why You Need to Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate

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Google have been encouraging and promoting the use of an SSL certificate on websites for years, in order to help make the internet a safer place for its users and […]

Effective Time Management Tips for Business Owners and Managers


Running or managing a business or building is, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, something that requires exceptionally large amounts of your time and dedication. It takes commitment, […]

Is Wireless Charging the Future?


With the announcement of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X being wirelessly chargeable, a lot more eyebrows have been raised towards this still quite mysterious technology. But what actually is […]

The RollerMouse: A Revolutionary New Design in Ergonomic Cursor Control


Feel The Difference With the RollerMouse by Contour Introducing the RollerMouse, the ergonomic alternative to the standard mouse that encourages good posture, helps prevent overreaching and excessive gripping, and can […]

Why You Should Be Offering Guest WiFi To Your Customers


Everybody wants to feel connected. How many times have you walked into a coffee shop, restaurant or even office building and asked if they have WiFi? Guest WiFi access provides […]

The Benefits of Moving to Cloud Based Subscription Services

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As technology pushes forwards and pressure to increase productivity while reducing costs is increased, the way that services are made available and delivered to businesses has also moved with the […]

Why Good Business IT Support Is Essential


It’s a really great feeling when your office has a brilliant IT load-out. Your cabling is neat, tidy and efficient. Your phone and internet lines are running smoothly. Your office hardware […]

How Managed Services Are Going to Help Your Business


When it comes to managing the IT and telecoms infrastructure of a business, this can quickly become a full-time job in itself. Teams of IT technicians and engineers are often […]

Proud Members of the BIFM


We are excited to announce that Riviera Networks is now a proud member of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM). The BIFM is the professional governing body for facilities […]

Did You Try Turning It Off and On Again? (And Other Common IT Support Questions)


We deliver many things to our customers across the UK, ranging from hardware acquisition, delivery and installation right through to bespoke telecommunications packages, full managed services and intelligent building solutions. […]

The Bad Call Centre Experience


It’s a sad truth that most of us have – at some point – been through that horrible process known as the “bad call centre experience”. You know what I’m talking […]

Best Password Practices – What Are They and How Can I Use Them?

Online SecurityTechnology

Following the big reveal of 25 of 2016’s most common passwords, a large part of addressing and fixing the issue comes down to educating internet users about how they can protect […]

The 25 Most Commonly Used Passwords of 2016 Revealed

Online SecurityTechnology

Passwords. Eh? Am I right? Eh? What a pain. With the amount of accounts and subscription-based services available in today’s market we’re constantly having to remember more and more passwords. But […]