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Recommended To-Do Apps from Riviera Networks

Trello and TickTick: Two To-Do Apps for your Everyday Tasks

Are you trying to juggle your to-do list in your head, or simply jotting down things on scraps of paper that end up getting lost?  This might half work, but in today’s fast- paced world, some of us will need more than a notepad to keep on top of everything.

Introducing to-do list apps. These handy, often free or low-cost applications can help you manage your tasks more efficiently.  Let’s have a look at Trello and TickTick, two popular task management apps that help you organise your everyday tasks.

Trello (free and paid version)

If you’re not too fussed about the ability to track your time or built-in reporting, web-based Trello offers an easy-to-use task management solution that you can set up in no time.

The online tool uses ‘cards’ which represent different projects. Team members can quickly add comments, files, photos and more as the project progresses – so everyone’s in the loop.

There are paid options for Trello, but the generous free option caters for most users’ needs. With a quick set up time and fresh-looking visual interface, Trello is a great first option for those looking for something less complicated with a good set of features.

TickTick (free and paid version)

TickTick is another simple to use task management tool for Windows, Android and iPhone. The app allows users to create tasks and order them into handy lists – with the option to add priorities and deadlines. And if you’re into speech to text tools, it even lets you add tasks by voice.

Other features of TickTick include:

  • Create colour coded tags for sorting tasks
  • Set handy reminders that notify you of due dates
  • Make use of smart lists for automatic filtering

Theme options include several colour choices, as well themes based on seasons.

Like Trello, TickTick is simple to get up and running.  A quick tour will guide you through the basics, and then you’re free to create tasks as you please.

Price-wise, TickTick offers both free and paid versions of the app, with the premium plan offering a good set of additional features.

Trello or TickTick?

Overall, both Trello and TickTick are great choices for those looking for a to-do list app that’s quick to set up, easy to navigate and offers a good set of features to get you going.

Trello is more generous with its free version, but TickTick’s premium features are worth the upgrade for those looking for more advanced features.

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