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Proud Members of the Essex Wildlife Trust

We’re delighted and proud to announce that Riviera Networks are now members of the Essex Wildlife Trust. Being an Essex based business – and with all of us being from […]

MacOS High Sierra Security Flaw Allows Anybody Root Access Without Password
BusinessITOnline SecuritySecurityTechnologyTips

You don’t even have to be a hacker to take advantage of Apple’s MacOS High Sierra security flaw that allows anybody root access without using a password. You just need to […]

Using Email Safely: 7 Email Safety Tips to Help Recognise Spam and Avoid Scams
BusinessITOnline SecuritySecurityTips

It’s hard to believe that even though internet based technology has driven us into a golden age of digital communication, we still face and struggle with basic scams and shady […]

Christmas at Work and in the Office: A Survival Guide

Caution: This Survival Guide to Christmas at Work Has Been Written In the Best Spirit of “Bah Humbug” and Grumpy Festive Cynicism Ah, the Great Big British Office Christmas. We’re […]

Why You Need to Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate
BusinessITOnline SecurityTechnologyTips

Google have been encouraging and promoting the use of an SSL certificate on websites for years, in order to help make the internet a safer place for its users and […]